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Virtual Private Servers

Get your hands on a virtual private server with shared CPU performance


KVM Standard S

$ 7.99
per month
  • High Frequency (2 vCPU)
  • 10GB DDR4 ECC¹ Memory
  • 60GB Pure SSD Storage
    240GB Pure SSD Storage in Coventry, UK
  • 4TB Bandwidth (1 Gbps)
    1TB Bandwidth (1G) in Mumbai, IN
  • Advanced DDoS Protection

KVM Standard M

$ 15.99
per month
  • High Frequency (4 vCPU)
  • 20GB DDR4 ECC¹ Memory
  • 120GB Pure SSD Storage
    480GB Pure SSD Storage in Coventry, UK
  • 8TB Bandwidth (1 Gbps)
    2TB Bandwidth (1G) in Mumbai, IN
  • Advanced DDoS Protection

KVM Standard L

$ 29.99
per month
  • High Frequency (6 vCPU)
  • 40GB DDR4 ECC¹ Memory
  • 240GB Pure SSD Storage
    1TB Pure SSD Storage in Coventry, UK
  • 16TB Bandwidth (1 Gbps)
    4TB Bandwidth (1G) in Mumbai, IN
  • Advanced DDoS Protection
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Nested Virtualization

Nested Virtualization is enabled at no cost on all servers by default. This means that you can make containers.

High Frequency CPU

We use the latest generation Intel Core i9-12900K, AMD Ryzen, and AMD EPYC processors.

Proxmox KVM

We use Proxmox KVM Virtualization which provides high performance and reliability to our customers.


Operating Systems

We support a variety of Linux distributions.

Allma, Rocky, and more are also available

Proxmox VPS

We use the Proxmox VE control panel by ModulesGarden in order to provide a flexible and easy to use control panel to our clients.


Purchase a server

We support a lot of different payment methods.


Login to your server

We provide full root access with all of our servers for free.


Run your application

Run your application 24/7/365 on our infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within 48 hours of placing an order, if you are unhappy with the product, we can give a refund in account credit. We evaluate the need for a refund via the original payment method depending on the situation. Please note that certain products do not qualify for our refund policy, such as our dedicated servers and products that specifically state that the refund policy does not apply.

Due to limitations of KVM virtualization, you can upgrade your plan (as long as there is stock) but not downgrade it. This can be done with our billing panel. The reason you cannot downgrade your service is due to limitations with resizing KVM disks.

A VPS (or virtual private server) is a "slice" or a small part of a physical server that is allocated to you. A VPS is typically used to host a website, a game server, or a small application. However, VPS's have shared resources (i.e. CPU cores), meaning that you must keep others in mind. If you need dedicated performance, we would highly recommend a dedicated server or a VDS (virtual dedicated server).

We support most Linux distributions. This includes the latest LTS/stable releases of Rocky, Alma, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. We also support Windows Server 2012R2, 2019, and 2022, however, manual configuration may be required. If you need a custom ISO, you can either open a ticket or mount it via our server panel.

We use some of the highest end AMD Ryzen CPU's and Intel Core CPU's in order to provide the best performance possible. We don't publicly list specific CPU models, but most of our nodes run Ryzen 5000 series CPU's or Intel 12th Gen CPU's

All virtual private servers come with Layer 4 DDoS protection by default. Please note that we do not have anything game-specific, nor do we protect against Layer 7 attacks. We also do not allow tunneling of our mitigation at the moment.

New York, NY, USA: 100 Gbps Standard
Los Angeles, CA, USA: 100 Gbps Standard
Miami, FL, USA: 100 Gbps Standard
Dallas, TX, USA: 20 Gbps Standard
Amsterdam, NL: 480 Gbps Standard
Coventry, UK: 100 Gbps Standard

If you do happen to get frequent DDoS attacks with large capacities that start impacting other users, we may ask you to move to a dedicated server or to other locations with better DDoS mitigation.

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¹May not be ECC memory in some locations
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