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Virtual Private Servers

Get your hands on a virtual private server with shared CPU performance

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┬│Certain locations including Dallas, Tokyo, Singapore, and Mumbai may have varying bandwidth limitations

Control Panel

Get access to a control panel where you can control or manage your service at any time.

High Frequency CPU

We use the latest generation AMD EPYC Milan, Rome, or Genoa processors across all of our lineups.

Proxmox KVM

We use Proxmox KVM Virtualization which provides high performance and reliability to our customers.


Operating Systems

We support a variety of Linux distributions.

Allma, Rocky, and more are also available, ticket for custom ISO

Purchase a server

We support a lot of different payment methods.


Login to your server

We provide full root access with all of our servers for free.


Run your application

Run your application 24/7/365 on our infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our terms of service in order to find the refund policy.

Due to limitations of KVM virtualization, you can upgrade your plan (as long as there is stock) but not downgrade it. This can be done by opening a ticket. The reason you cannot downgrade your service is due to limitations with resizing KVM disks.

A VPS (or virtual private server) is a "slice" or a small part of a physical server that is allocated to you. A VPS is typically used to host a website, a game server, or a small application. However, VPS's have shared resources (i.e. CPU cores), meaning that you must keep others in mind. If you need dedicated performance, we would highly recommend a dedicated server or a VDS (virtual dedicated server).

We support most Linux distributions. This includes the latest LTS/stable releases of Rocky, Alma, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. We also support Windows Server 2012R2, 2019, and 2022, however, the Windows templates are currently experimental and may take some time to deploy. If you need a custom ISO, you can open a ticket and we'll mount it.

We use modern AMD EPYC processors. Please see our knowledgebase for more details on exact CPU models.

All virtual private servers come with Layer 4 DDoS protection by default. Please note that we do not have anything game-specific, nor do we protect against Layer 7 attacks. We also do not allow tunneling of our mitigation at the moment.

If you do happen to get frequent DDoS attacks with large capacities that start impacting other users, we may ask you to move to a dedicated server or to other locations with better DDoS mitigation. This information may change at any time. We do not guarantee any specific DDoS protection capacity.

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┬╣May not be ECC memory in locations with Intel Core CPU's